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"Advertising says to people, 'Here's what we've got. Here's what it will do for you. Here's how to get it.'"
Leo Burnett, famous advertising executive

marlene gasdia-cochrane ::

  marketing communications
Organization:  Mona Lisa Designs
Industry: Fashion
Objective:  Promote new line of designer's wedding gowns and locations where they can be purchased
Organization:  Friends of MIT Crew:  MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Industry: Higher Ed
Format: 4-fold, 4C, fit in #10 envelope
Objective:  Recruit students to join the crew team
Organization:  MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Industry: Higher Ed
Format: Brochure, 6-page, gatefold, 4C, fit in large envelope
Objective:  Promote Department of Athletics Physical Education and Recreation to students
Organization:  All Systems Integration
Industry: Custom digital asset workflow solutions
Format: Brochure, 4-page, fold, 4C, fit in large envelope
Objective:  Company overview
Organization:  WebbAir, a Division of F.W. Webb
Industry: HVAC supplies
Objective:  Promote incentive program to channel partners
Organization:  Digital Printing Inc. (DPI)
Industry: Network Print Servers
Format: Catalog, 16-page, 4C, fit in large env.
Objective: Sales tool